Neck Pain

Due to the stresses and strains of daily computer, laptop and tablet use, neck pain has become a very common complaint, second only to back pain. Neck pain can be caused by strain to various tissues like muscles, ligaments and joints. However, in some cases nerves and intervertebral discs can be a factor.

An acute episode of neck pain can feel like a very sharp, stabbing pain with all neck movements being very uncomfortable. It can also feel like a constant dull ache with headaches in the base of your skull.

Causes of Neck Pain

  • Desk posture and poor ergonomics
  • Sleeping or prolonged sitting in an awkward position
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Heavy lifting
  • Age related changes like Osteoarthritis Arthritis

Treatment of neck pain

Research has found that ‘hands on’ therapy (massage, spinal manipulation and mobilisation), postural advice can help alleviate symptoms.

If you have any further questions about neck pain or how Osteopathy could help you, feel free to get in touch.