Pregnancy and postnatal aches and pains

This is one stage of a woman’s life where your body changes dramatically in such a short space of time. The body’s ability to accommodate the growing fetus leads to an increase in stress on muscles and joints and causes postural changes. The production of hormones during pregnancy like relaxin help assist in the body’s changes as it allows the ligaments to soften; this too can lead to additional load on the muscles and joints as the ligaments that aid in joint stability to be more lax.

Following labour, whether the birth is was natural or cesarean-section. Your body can experience a wide range of issues. Your body will be recovering whilst you get to work being a mother. Feeding and the late nights can take its toll on your body.

Common complaints that seen in expecting and postnatal mothers:

Treatment of Pregnancy and postnatal aches and pains

Osteopathy is a recognised manual therapy, meaning it’s ‘hands on’. The principle of Osteopathy is to treat the body’s structure and function meaning that the well-being of an individual depends on the skeleton, muscles, ligaments and connective tissues functioning smoothly together. The treatment is no different during pregnancy, techniques that are used are gentle and safe with minimum risk. The comfort and safety of the mother and their growing baby is always taken into consideration at all times. Osteopathy can help aid recovery with helping to work on postural changes and realign and pelvic dysfunction that may have occurred during labour.