D. Hurt

Alex gave me very thorough and extensive treatment along with good advice in respect of my dodgy shoulder over a number of weeks - which has resulted in a full recovery.Very happy with the service and help I received.


Alex is a fantastic osteopath who treats my many injuries from extreme sporting activities! She is friendly, supportive and offers practical advice on injury prevention, as well as general advice on what works best for your individual body.Would highly recommend her for general well-being, as well treatment for injuries or pain.

C. Gibb

I first made an appointment with Alex Black after having problems with my lower back, although I had many other niggling problems too. I was still recovering from a broken leg and the knock-on effects of that.I immediately felt very comfortable. Alex is extremely thorough and knowledgeable – she asked a lot of questions, and took her time in assessing me and working out the best courses of treatment. The treatment itself felt equally thorough, with Alex using the techniques she felt most appropriate, which she explained in full. With osteopathy, deep massage and acupuncture, Alex has worked wonders not only on my lower back but also on my long-standing neck tension, and on my lower leg problems that followed the break and surgery.I play roller derby and train up to three times a week. As someone who has played the sport itself, Alex is both sympathetic and realistic about its impact on the body and about the need to train regularly.Not only does Alex cram the hour’s appointment as full as possible, she has also given me lots of helpful information and exercises to take home with me.I have already recommended Alex to many people, and I will continue to do so!

Mrs R

I have been receiving treatment from Alex for a long term back problem. I have benefited from Alex's warm, supportive and professional approach. Alex treated me throughout my pregnancy and postnatally. What I have found to be most helpful is how Alex has individualised treatment for me.Recently, I have struggled with severe back pain and Alex suggested getting into the pool, I was apprehensive about this but Alex developed a programme and took me into the pool to show me how to do the exercises. I feel that Alex listens to what I'm saying and shows empathy and understanding towards me. I feel that Alex has also empowered me by explaining about what is going on with my body and giving me a treatment plan that I can carry out at home.

D. Petrie

Spending most of my day hunched over a laptop and travelling regularly to different offices results in lots of tension in my upper back. In April I was experiencing quite a bit of pain and discomfort and I decided to visit an osteopath.After my first appointment with Alex I immediately felt relief. Alex was extremely professional and talked me through each stage of the treatment so I knew what was going on. She also gave me helpful hints and tips to improve my posture etc. I continue to see Alex on a regular basis for a bit of maintenance.

C. Cooper

I went to see Alex about tension headaches, she was really quick and confident in identifying what was causing the problem and after two treatments my terrible headaches were a distant memory!

I was also really impressed by her attention to detail and ability to give great advice on how to prevent the problem coming back (in my case through working on posture and sleeping in different positions to take strain off my neck).

C. Williamson

I came to Alex with a niggling achilles tendon injury which had failed to clear up after almost a year. I had pretty much given up hope of ever getting back to running and was really fed up of feeling 'broken' at only 43 years old.

Alex clearly explained exactly what was wrong with my ankle and talked me through each stage of my treatment during our sessions. She also strongly encouraged me to have the confidence to get back out and be active again.

After a few weeks of sessions with Alex my ankle now feels better than it has in months and I'm back out running again. I'm delighted!

J. Sands

I hobbled to Alex less than three weeks before I was due to take part in a Quadrathon. My training had hurt my lower back and left me unable to put on my socks. Alex quickly identified the problem and began a treatment of acupuncture and massage and gave me a series of stretches to do each day.

In just 3 visits I was walking and doing light training and decided to go ahead with the quadrathon. Come the day I managed to swim 0.8 mile across Loch Tay, walk/run approx 15 miles over 7 Munros (including the UK’s 10th highest mountain), kayak 7 miles, and cycle 34 miles around Loch Tay in a decent time. The best part is I don’t feel any pain afterwards.

I would recommend Alex to anyone.